Honey Yuzu Lavender (100g NET)

Honey Yuzu Lavender (100g NET)


A compound butter with a unique taste profile. It is sweet, sour, light on the palate, floral and fragrant on the nose. Our Honey Yuzu Lavender compound butter is made with raw honey infused with lavender buds. An excellent flavoured butter replacement for sugar-loaded products like kaya and fruit jams. Perfect for pastries, desserts, and creams. Top it on pancakes and waffles, spread on scones, smear on croissants and french toasts, or incorporate with whipping cream.

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Ingredients: Butter, Honey, Yuzu, Lavender Buds, Sea Salt, Sugar.

Dirty Butter does not contain any artificial flavourings or preservatives. Every jar contains only fresh, natural and delicious ingredients. Dirty Butter is made in a facility contains allergens such as wheat, nuts, soy, eggs and seafood.