Garlic Parmesan  (100g NET)

Garlic Parmesan (100g NET)


A strong, sharp, creamy and savoury. Our Garlic Parmesan compound butter is made with real parmesan cheese and garlic. It balances perfectly with milder tasting foods like carbs, salads, and eggs. As it is a flavoured butter, easily add it to pasta, baked or mashed potatoes, melt it on fries, or simply toast it on bread. You could also incorporate it into scrambled eggs or add it into salads to make it a lil' more exciting.

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Ingredients: Butter, Parmesan, Cream, Garlic, Sea Salt, Black Pepper.

Dirty Butter does not contain any artificial flavourings or preservatives. Every jar contains only fresh, natural and delicious ingredients. Dirty Butter is made in a facility contains allergens such as wheat, nuts, soy, eggs and seafood.