Compound Butter


We use 100% REAL ingredients - no oils, no artificial flavourings, no preservatives, no bullsh*t. Because the last thing we want is another generic, run-off-the-mill brand that uses a bunch of chemicals with a crappy label slapped on.

Our goal here is to make butter a little less boring and a whole lot dirtier. We carefully source the freshest, most flavour-packed foods to achieve our unique butter taste profiles. It might be the most kick-ass butter you've ever tasted, with flavours so remarkable you'd want to put it on everything.

the Dirty Boys

Who's running Dirty Butter? From left to right, that'll be Earnest Lim, Jeremy Toh, and Samuel Ong; a dynamic trio with backgrounds in F&B tech, F&B marketing, and F&B operations respectively!

We got together in October 2020 with all our tastebuds in tact (thankfully) and set out to create flavours of butter you've never tasted before, yet so good you'd want to put it on everything. After hours of laborious taste testings and quality checks, we perfected our first batch of Dirty Butter flavours to be released into the world.


We hope you enjoy the fist-slamming, eye-rolling, all-around sensational experience of Dirty Butter. Get yours today.

Dirty Butter